Smart / Casual – What is That?

May 10, 2017

Don’t you just hate it when the dress code is smart casual? I mean, really, what exactly is that?

Casual could mean jeans, sandals, maxi dress? But then the word ‘smart’ changes the whole perspective.


Here are a few things to consider when deciding how to dress for the smart – casual event.


  • If you decide to opt for a dress; keep it simple (either basic with a patterned fabric or a plain fabric on a more flamboyant style). Add your glitz with accessories.  That way, if you get there and feel a little over dressed you can easily remove some accessories and pop them in your handbag. 



  • If you fancy wearing a skirt, maybe try a classy knee length pencil look as opposed to a mini. You can go casual on the top half with a pencil skirt. A plain tee with a pencil skirt and kitten heeled shoes will be appropriate anywhere.


  • Trousers are always acceptable now. When you are unsure of the dress code, a tailored pant is like a reliable best friend.

    Tailored pants are a must for your wardrobe

    Work the rest of your outfit around them. I always think adding a blazer is a good idea. If you get there and it’s not as formal as you thought, you can take it off to reveal an edgy fun top. If it does prove to be formal – simply keep it on.


  • Jumpsuits are everywhere at the minute and apart from the ‘going to the toilet’ issue, they usually prove hassle free.  A jumpsuit is easy to pull off whether plain or patterned. And again, a blazer can be thrown over as a bit of a comfort blanket whilst you weigh the situation up.


  • Jeans are a bit precarious. But if you really want to wear them then it’s probably best to stick with a darker shade and balance the outfit out with a classy heel and blouse


  • A heeled shoe is a safe shoe. If you don’t walk well in high heels then wear a kitten heel or if you definitely want a flat – find a good looking one with a bit of a twist. Leave your steady sensible ones in the wardrobe.

Scarosso Ballerinas – Smeralda Pesca Suede Leather £145


And if you are still worried, then remember that the secret is to dress with separates and accessorise. That way you can easily remove anything that makes you feel self-conscious when you get there. 


Use your accessories

After all, it isn’t the item of clothing that makes the outfit smart or casual. It’s how you dress it up that gives it the label. For example jeans with Converse are undoubtedly casual. Good jeans with a classy heel – become undoubtedly classy. Something as simple as a pair of sparkly earrings or a statement necklace can alter how an outfit is perceived.


And my last bit of advice? Pinterest. It’s my firm favourite for outfit inspiration. Don’t ever overlook its usefulness.