Lord & Berry Conceal-It Crayon Concealer

My latest MUST HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCT. I’m so excited about it that I just had to share it immediately …. The Lord & Berry Conceal-It Crayon is fab – Simple to use, Teeny in your handbag, and has Fab staying power. (those little annoying blemishes won’t be catching me out again in the

How to get a Good Nights Sleep

I’ve always been led to believe that one of the benefits of getting older is that you need less sleep. My mother told me so, and my grandmother before her. Now, I don’t wish to insinuate that my elders were telling me ‘porkies’ but it just isn’t working that way

How to Keep your New Year Resolution to Exercise

As the old year rolls into the new, I bet I’m not the only one to say, ‘’This year I’m determined to exercise’’ And when I say it, I do actually mean it. I’m not saying it because I think I should. I’m saying it because I want to be

White Christmas Wear

Winter Whites look great over Christmas   Follow my blog with Bloglovin Forget head to toe dark colours – whiten up this Christmas   To look great and fuss free during this festive season; Slip into the Natty Me Embroidered Dress, pull on the winter warmer tights or leggings and

Are You Dealing with an Ex-Partner Who is Unable to Accept that the Relationship is Over?

For many people, the end of a marriage is one of the biggest experiences in their life to affect their confidence. The feelings of failure, anger and guilt all take time to fade. Rebuilding your self-esteem afterwards can be a hard and lonely battle and for some women (and men)