Kate Spade New York celebrates ‘Women Empowering Women’. 

March 23, 2017
Kate Spade New York celebrates ‘Women Empowering Women’. 



Kate Spade builds ‘women led’ businesses in underserved communities to make their on purpose handbags.

These women, in turn, empower each other and their families, and invest in their community.




On Purpose Embroidered Camel Clutch – multi – one size

Kate Spade UK Limited
In 2014, Kate Spade & Company brought together individual artisans in the underserved community of Masoro, Rwanda and taught them how to build their own for-profit businesses. Today, ‘on purpose’ has over 150 full-time artisans who are paid a monthly salary regardless of product sales, allowing these women to support both their families and themselves. Community and personal growth improvements range from financial contribution, increased participation in household decision-making, mental and physical health, and artisan skills.

On Purpose Red Plaid Tote – red – one size