How Do We Feel If We Fast

October 13, 2016
How Do We Feel If We Fast

OH MY GOD – how hard was that?

I can confidently report that my experience of fasting was definitely not a pleasant one.

I started at 9pm Tuesday night having had a nice juicy steak with asparagus and carrots. Feeling quietly confident and smug at how cleansed my body would be in 24 hours’ time, I slept soundly.

‘’Coffee’’ asks Husband at 7:15 am Wednesday morning. Wrong thing to say, but as I know how forgetful he is I forgave him and reminded him sweetly that I would only be consuming hot water and lemon this morning.  Not quite got the same ring to it as coffee has it.

I set about my usual routine quite happily, not particularly phased by a day without food. I’m not one to get up and immediately grab breakfast anyhow. However, by 10am the hunger pangs had begun.  And they continued, making themselves quite apparent to those sat around the table at my morning meeting.10-o-clock-md

But still, I was okay; optimistically counting down the hours till 9pm.

Then something strange happened. By 1pm I could no longer concentrate. And I mean really couldn’t concentrate. I was struggling to focus on the simplest of keyboard tasks.  Trying to collect the data to write my reports was like trying to identify a tiny grey fleck through a deep foggy haze. Nothing was making any sense.  It was as if my head had gone into slow motion and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Within half an hour, my head had begun to pound and my legs turned heavy. So bad was I by 2pm that I seriously considered jacking the whole thing in. And I probably would; only now I felt so bad that I didn’t even want food.

thpdcroju2I struggled through until 4pm when I was violently sick – which is pretty painful when there’s very little in your stomach to bring up.  The only place to go now was bed. So that’s where I went, and slept unhappily for an hour or two.

Upon waking I felt marginally better until I moved my head. The pain was horrendous. I decided that I was going to have to take a painkiller but of course, you shouldn’t take Ibuprofen without food. So there was my dilemma; Do I fail but feel better or do I persevere for another 2 ½ hours?

The sensible side of me quickly recognised that persevering wasn’t really an option with 2 children to sort out and work to do, so I went for the latter. I had an ibuprofen, a piece of toast and a cup of tea. By now it was 7pm.

So the end result; I failed to complete 24 hours. But given the pain, I think I did okay to manage 22.

I think the real question is, how do I feel this morning?

Yesterday I was really considering not doing it again. I had convinced myself that it just wasn’t worth it and to be honest, I was failing to see how on earth something so horrible could be good for you. But this morning I have to say, my tummy is pretty comfortable, even after my Weetabix, coffee and melon. And without going in to too much detail – my morning toilet duties were easier.  I actually feel more comfortable than I have in weeks. I was expecting to feel extra hungry for having skipped a few meals, but I don’t.  Neither do I feel the urge to rush out and consume cake to make up for lost calories (although I very likely will).

So after all that – I may well do it again but I think I’ll do it differently. Time does not allow me to spend one day a week being completely useless and being in bed. I think I’ll start about 4pm on Tuesday  – that way I’ll hopefully sleep through some of my hunger and I can look forward to a proper evening meal on Wednesday– although, I will keep it light. I might also allow myself a little fruit at lunch, in the hope of keeping the headache and sickness at bay.