Bright Lady

February 19, 2017


There’s a lot to be said about a lady who feels able to choose a punched up pink attire over a little black dress. She’s adventurous, sure, and unhappy to blend into a crowd.


Cameron Street Roses Little Babe – pink – one size

A bright lady is an optimistic one. 

Spring and Summer are ideal seasons to experiment with colour. But wearing bright colours isn’t just as simple as ditching your neutrals. Wearing ‘brights’ is about knowing when to hot it up and when to cool it down. 

made from a colorful polka-dotted fabric, this pretty top will add a festive vibe to your ensemble. pair it with anything from jeans to a pencil skirt for a polished day-to-night look

If you want to brighten your image but don’t feel confident enough to go full on colour, try brightening an outfit with one key piece; a bright handbag looks great with denim or a bright coat contrasts perfectly over a dark outfit.

this warm pullover offers a bright cheeky look

One important thing you need to remember about wearing ‘brights’ is that they have a tendency to look one-dimensional. To prevent this make sure that you pay attention to texture. Overlaying with lace works really well.
If you do decide that you are ready to go ‘full on bright’, consider keeping just one part of the outfit basic. A plain white tee makes a good background to a coordinating two-piece bright outfit. And if you are going to mix your ‘brights’, stick with a three-colour palette

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