How to Bling Up the Old Dress for Christmas

December 11, 2016

The festive party season is upon us once again. And with it comes the panic-thoughts of what to wear at the Christmas Do. Finances are already stretched and with so much to do, many of us haven’t got the time or energy to start shopping for our own outfits anyway.

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So here are a few ideas of how to bling up an older outfit – after all, the most important part of your festive outfit is the bling!


Sparkly shoes or glittery boots are definitely a great and easy way to add Christmas to any outfit. If you don’t fancy full on sparkle, there are loads of gorgeous metallics around just now. ‘Office’ have a great selection. Ankle boots look fab with a dress or skirt outfit and allow you to work a slightly shorter hem without feeling too bare.

And there are no rules that say you HAVE to wear heels.




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Jewellery will brighten up any outfit. Don’t be afraid to be bold – especially if your outfit is quite plain. The little black dress is the age old perfect example of how powerful jewellery can be.


Don’t forget to sparkle your lobes

In particular, a choker can completely transform a look but stacked rings or bangles are also an excellent way to style up a basic outfit. 





















Finally accessorise with a sparkly party clutch – a bag is the perfect way to inject sparkle (or just add playful charms). ‘Accessorise’ is great for affordable charming clutches.


And you’re party ready without having purchased a whole new outfit.