Batiste Oomph My Locks

January 13, 2017

Not long ago I was seriously considering having my long locks cut short. I’ve always loved my hair long but lately it’s started looking limp and fine just hours after I’ve painstakingly washed and styled it. And who’s got time for that?

My hair soon starts to look limp these days. P.S. I am wearing the Natty Block Knit Basic Tank £45

Batiste Stylist Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray £4.29

But, thanks to my Birchbox I’ve been introduced to the Batiste Oomph My Locks and it’s great. I’m loving it. A quick spray and my hair’s full of bounce again. It’s effects last too, without being sticky.

Ladies – the long hair is staying!


Looking much bouncier after a spray