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Natty Me is an online blog whose mission is to inspire ladies to remain confident and charismatic as they travel life’s journey. As a lady who had lost confidence due to life experiences such as divorce, motherhood and changing career paths, this is close to my heart.

Natty Me is intended to be a resource for ladies who want to read about the issues that affect us all. Within it’s pages you will hear other ladies relationship, career and lifestyle stories and will learn how to stay confident, healthy and stylish.

Natty Me encourages you to share your experiences and join in with the conversation through the comments section and social media.

I myself, am a woman approaching her ‘prime’. I spent the first half of my working life connected to beauty, lifestyle and fashion in one way or another before completing a degree in law and going down the ‘writing route’. I have now happily combined the two.

Natty Me encourages ladies to be true to themselves;

  • Be yourself;
  • Push your boundaries; and most importantly,
  • Do what makes you happy.

                                     Be Natty