4 Easy Ways to Change your Life for the Better

January 24, 2017
4 Easy Ways to Change your Life for the Better

I’m guessing that seeing as it is now January 24th, most of our New Year Resolutions have flown out of the window. Well that’s OK, don’t worry and don’t feel bad;


I’ve come up with 4 simple things that you can do, all year round, that will change your life for the better. 


  1. Stop dieting.

Don’t make any sudden changes to your diet. Yes, cutting out sugar or alcohol might be good for you but is it really something you want to do? Rather than obsessing about your food, concentrate on learning to recognise when you’re really hungry as opposed to ‘peckish’.

Make sensible choices and learn not to binge. Enjoy what you eat.

Everything in moderation – stop denying yourself.


  1. Be less sedentary.

Sit down less – that’s got to be do-able, right? How about getting off the bus a stop earlier or parking a little further away from work to get some more walking in? Daft though it may sound, do a bit of jogging on the spot during commercial breaks and of course… use the stairs instead of the lift.  

Try some new recipes

Your body wants to move – let it.


  1. Do something new

It’s easy to get stuck in the same routine. Try shifting things around a bit. Something as simple as shopping in a different town / city or trying a new supermarket can make all the difference. Why not find a new recipe to try, or visit a library / museum that you’ve never been to before?

If you fancy committing to something a bit bigger; learn a new language or enrol on a course.

At the very least you might meet someone new and interesting.


  1. Get bored

Stop concentrating all the time. Here’s betting that many of you take your phone / tablet with you even when you go the loo? Just reading the news, checking emails, playing a game? Stop for a while and let your hands do nothing. Take some time out to daydream and if you find this hard then try a little mindfulness. You can do it anywhere and it’s really quite easy to learn.

Give yourself a break from thinking and doing, at least once a day.